We need representatives who place people above politics and value families over corporate interests.


“With your support, we’ll get North Carolina moving in the right direction.”

I’m running for the North Carolina State Senate because I believe we need to bring a human, caring element back to politics. The problems we face in Cabarrus and Union Counties are big—but they are not unsolvable. We deserve representation in Raleigh that listens to us, speaks to us, and works for us—ALL of us.

I have committed my life to serving others, first in the United States Army, then as an educator, and now as a pastor. In every job I’ve had, I have put other people and their needs before my own to help make all of our futures better and brighter.

marcus 2.jpeg

Now I’m running to be a part of a larger change we urgently need in our politics today, where we turn away from partisan politics and focus on the people we’re supposed to serve.

When I began considering running for office, I thought about my wife and sons. I thought about their future. As Rosslyn and I discussed it, we firmly believe the kind of future we want for our sons is the same kind of future – we all want for our kids. We all want safe schools and neighborhoods. We all want to know through our hard work we can get ahead. We all believe that caring for people comes before our politics.

These are the experiences and values that drive me, and that I will put to use every day fighting for the people of District 36. Together, we can build a North Carolina that works for ALL of us.