Health care must be treated as a fundamental right, not a privilege, and all Americans deserve world-class health care that they can afford. Hubert H. Humphrey is right regarding the moral test of government is how that government treats its people. North Carolina is one of only twelve states that has not adopted Medicaid Expansion. I would vote for Medicaid Expansion.

On behalf of 500,000+North Carolinians passing Medicaid Expansion would (according to the NC Justice Center):

  • Provide coverage to people who form the backbone of our economy and need access to care and services

  • Help people get the medication and treatment they need, especially for substance use disorders or chronic conditions like diabetes

  • Inject our tax dollars back into the state to provide more coverage for more people and allow state dollars currently spent on care to be redirected to other priorities

  • Protect families from medical debt and bankruptcy

  • Help rural hospitals that are struggling to keep up with providing care for uninsured people

  • Create jobs and stimulate economic activity, especially in the health care industry


Every student deserves a world-class education, no matter their zip code. Commitment to providing every student their constitutional right has to be the goal of every legislator; while ensuring equity in the process. Educating the next generation of North Carolinians can’t be outsourced by privatization.


Accountability is the key to ensuring a strong educational system that will help us develop responsible citizens and provide well-prepared leaders to build a strong economy in the future.

The effectiveness of education is tied to the quality of our teachers. Investing in our current teachers is a must and recruiting achievement minded teachers is essential. 

To ensure the success of our children we must:  improve retention of teachers, make educational and safety outcomes for students a priority, increase teacher salaries, establish a support personnel provision to ensure a higher level of instruction for students, and increase per-pupil funding.

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Our legislature  must work together to pass a budget that works for all North Carolinians and doesn’t just grant tax cuts to big corporations. Attention has to be given to smart spending for evidence-based programs and supporting budget integrity that maintains independent protections against corrupt hand-offs to friendly corporate hands. Expanding our evidence collection of programs provides assurance that our taxpayer’s money is producing positive outcomes for all people within our district.

North Carolina has one of the lowest minimum wages in the country at $7.25. With rising costs of living that are surpassing the wages of many, we must increase our state’s minimum wage to a livable wage of $15.

The primary purpose of government is to help people when they need it. As former Vice President Hubert Humphrey once said, “The moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; those who are in the shadows of life, the sick, the needy and the handicapped.”

To accomplish this our budget must include: Medicaid expansion to cover more uninsured adults, more funding for schools and teachers’ pay, and robust support for senior citizens, particularly those who are impoverished.


All levels of government must play a role in mitigating the effects of climate change, investing in sustainable technologies, and preserving our environment for generations to come. We must preserve and defend our environment not just for ourselves, but for our children and grandchildren.

President John F. Kennedy famously said that “in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal.” North Carolina is a state endowed with natural resources and natural beauty. Today, however, our environment is under attack from greed, negligence, and ignorance.

Everyone has a basic right to drinkable water and breathable air. The notion that people must choose between economic vitality and the environment is false, the only option is choosing to have both well-paying jobs and a clean environment.  

North Carolinians benefit from laws aimed at creating jobs while protecting a livable environment for all of us now, and for future generations.

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Good-paying, full-time jobs are critical to ensuring a better future for everyone in our communities. All North Carolinians deserve a fair shot at the American dream. Over the past year, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the unemployment rate in Cabarrus and Union Counties has nearly doubled.

What is crucial right now is focusing on both keeping people safe and preparing them for an ever-changing economy. As our neighbors have experienced job losses, they will benefit from opportunities for job training programs for advanced skills and investment in higher education so students can achieve without the burden of debt.


Climate change is one of the greatest and most pressing challenges of our times. It’s real and requires a scientific approach to solving it. Currently, North Carolina gets over 60% of its energy from harmful fossil fuels including coal and gas. This reliance is contributing to warming the earth’s temperature and is polluting our air and our water.  North Carolinians will benefit from prioritizing and increasing clean energy reliance in North Carolina. This focus will make our air cleaner and our earth healthier so that our grandchildren will have the opportunity to enjoy our beautiful beaches.

North Carolina boasts the second-largest solar power of any state in the country, continued focus must be given to growing our solar industry. Investments in new clean energy technologies such as wind and biomass energy are important. Investing in such innovations not only helps cut off our reliance on fossil fuels and address harmful waste issues, but can also put our state at the forefront of new energy innovations.

Hence, investment in renewable energy and green technologies to grow the economy, create the jobs of the future, and combat climate change is critical for the future of North Carolinians.


A thoughtful approach to safety includes supporting our Second Amendment rights AND common-sense policies that will protect our schools and our neighborhoods. Training and regulation shouldn’t divide us but instead can make us all stronger while providing what everyone wants – safe and caring communities where we can raise our families.

People shouldn’t feel like their communities are under attack. With a dedication to keeping people safe and healing hurt, North Carolinians can have confidence in our decision making.  In Raleigh, there is an opportunity to unify all of us through listening to all of us to create a Cabarrus County, and a North Carolina, in which everyone feels safe and protected.


Often overlooked, infrastructure is critical to growing the economy and ensuring people can safely live each day. Modernizing and investing in our roads, bridges, and public transit systems are some of the fundamental ways the government can make citizens’ everyday lives safer and better. In addition, vital infrastructure is necessary for new economic opportunities.

Elected officials have a duty to provide safe, reliable, and accessible transportation options. Working to secure more funding for infrastructure projects across the district is imperative for the growth of Cabarrus and Union counties. 

Priority has to be given to investment in sustainable infrastructure and transportation improvements.